An inexpensive, print ready mileage calculation tool for the tax slacker

You can save a lot with a Mileage Log.

Did you forget to log those miles for your yearly IRS taxes? Now, you can create a printable mileage log for mileage reimbursement on your annual tax return. We got you covered for $4.95 and 10-minutes of your time! Pay with Credit or Debit Card!

You can save a lot of money annually if you supply a mileage log with your annual tax return. By keeping track of your miles, you can earn a reimbursement of those miles. Not everyone does a good job of tracking the miles and usually folks create a quick spreadsheet at the end of year to make up for the lost mileage tracking. Slacklog handles all of this for you and does it really quick. When complete, you will have a mileage record that contains everything your accountant needs. Your accountant will determine the IRS mileage rate for you. It works with your expense report and takes pressure off you during the busy tax season.

Watch our short Introduction on the left or watch the full Demonstration on the right to see how Slacklog works and how easy it is to use!